At Rabs, we continuously promote trade development, education and training to keep up to date with the industry.

Rabs is in the process of implementing an in-house Apprenticeship Training Academy to ensure their apprentices receive a thorough understanding of the trade and industry.

Our inhouse training academy also supports our employees to become better at their trade.

Key benefits of our in-house training:

  • Teach new skills and enhance existing skills of a trainee.
  • Targeted and specific learning topics to develop job related skills.
  • Directly apply newly learnt skills through our innovative pre-fab process.
  • A sense of empowerment through attention to trainee needs.
  • Foster team bonding, enhance relations and communication between trainees.

Drawing from real-time and past projects, Rabs academy will continuously foster evolving industry practices. This ensures that we are always applying the most current methodologies to our work, in return, giving our customers a high quality service.

Every success from our program allows us to expand our training portfolio and methods, thus proving that the training academy is a worthy investment.