Wellbeing & Safety

Safety is a crucial part of everything we do at Rabs Plumbing, going beyond processes and procedures with wellness and welfare being the focal point. Our outlook on safety is an authentic care for the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of every member of Rabs Plumbing family and our clients. Work Health and safety is intrinsic to the way we do business at Rabs Plumbing. We are committed to complying with relevant WHS legislation and safety recommendations including codes of practice and/or Australian Standards.

Rabs Plumbing is committed to providing staff, subcontractors, clients and visitors with a healthy and safe environment, and will integrate health and safety into all aspects of its operations. A further commitment and key objective of Rabs Plumbing is to improve workplace health and safety performance across the organisation to reduce or eliminate workplace injury and illness and to promote a positive and proactive WHS Management System based on effective communication, engagement and consultation regarding all safety matters.

The WHS Management System manages safety hazards through systematic hazard identification, assessment, control and resolution.

Our dedicated team ensures all work environments meet and maintain the highest level of safety as we plan our work activities, equip our staff and perform and control our processes.